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Front Bumper Tow Hooks for Jeep Wrangler JK.

This product will replace the current tow hooks on OEM front bumpers.


The purchase process for this item works a little differently than the other items in our shop. Please read below for details.

To help you avoid needing to leave your bumper dismantled to send us your hooks to be coated, we have decided to offer you the option to purchase the hooks in the color of your choice and then once installed you mail us back your old ones and receive a refund in the amount of $80. (Old ones must be returned within 30 days of delivery for the return to be accepted and the deposit refund to be applied.)

You may also choose to simply keep your old ones.


Included: One set of replacement tow hooks, and return shipping label.


**NOTE: Installation will require the removal of your front bumper,  and reinstall with the new hooks.**


Front Tow Hooks for Jeep Wrangler JK (07-18)

  • There is a 25% restocking fee on voluntary returns and exchanges. You will be responsible for return shipping costs. Voluntary returns are considered returns based on changing your mind, wrong color choice, wrong model choice, and/or not reading the full description before ordering.

    Recoats are available at a fee.

    Exchanges due to a mistake on our end, or a part or coating defect not related to color matching or UV stability, will not be subject to the restocking fee.

    When purchasing you have acknowledged that you have either contacted us to discuss your options, or have read the description in full and understand all aspects of color matching, UV stability, and model fit.

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