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What We Do


We can help you custom design any part needed for fabrication. Know how to CAD yourself? Great! Bring your design by and we can help convert your drawing into something real!​




We currently have the facilities to custom CNC mill, CNC lathe, and weld small batch items for your fabrication or prototyping needs. Coming soon: CNC plasma cutting!



We can help you make your stuff look good! The color choices or virtually limitless. From solids, to 2-tone sparkles & glosses, to candy coats. If it’s metal and can fit in our oven, we’ll make it look great!

Welcome to Flaming Dirt!

We are DFW's one-stop shop for Powder Coating, Prep and Fabrication services! As well, we offer a wide assortment of Custom-coated Accessories and Gifts!

If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out and give us a ring!

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