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  • What is Powder Coating?
    Powder Coating is the process of covering a part with a charged layer of Polyester or Epoxy powder, then heating (baking) the part which allows the powder to "flow" and fuse into a colorful protective layer on the part.
  • Why is Powder Coating more expensive than Painting?
    Powder Coating in itself can be affordable, but in the end you're paying for the durability. The main expense in most powder coating jobs comes down to prep: - Removing old Powder - Removing old Paint -etc. This is required to get the most durable and smooth finish on the finished product.
  • What does Prep entail?
    Prep is the labor needed to prepare the metal/part for powder coating, and additonal time needed for masking (if required) to protect certain areas (threads, machined surfaces, etc). This is normally charged on a per hour basis.
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